It’s been quite a while, so I figured that a good way to get back into posting things is to find a great Site of the Week. In our first time out for our return to posting is an agency in Toronto called Grip Limited.

Interesting navigation. Overall, the site can seem a bit cluttered based on the concept of the design, but because of the complex nature of the site, it becomes more of an adventure for the viewer. There is a TON of information. (Like the line “Sill, it’s got to be reassuring to know that as part of the interview process we now ask candidates if they’ve ever raised champion livestock.” Poor livestock.) The design of the site is set up in columns, with the text in a carnival poster style using modern typefaces. Bold use black and orange is used throughout the site. While the site seems to go on forever (and is you move to the right, it DOES seem to go on FOREVER!), it’s fun to see what could be hanging off the edge of the page, including the columns and columns of their portfolio work.

The only drawback that I can see with the site is that it was produced in Flash. With all the potential with HTML5 today, there’s little need with how this was designed to be using Flash. But, that small thing aside, it’s a fun site that you can lose yourself in hours of searching, reading and playing.

To see all the insanity, point your browser to