Me, the Whole Me, and Nothing but the Me.

Tim Georgi is a graphic designer, programmer, artist and writer. Starting in the graphic design business in 1991, Tim works as a freelance designer and consultant through his company, Skyfall Creative.

Since 1991, Tim has had the great fortune to work with a large variety of companies and clients. Tim worked for six years in several departments at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. He started as Graphics Coordinator and Video Editor in the University’s television studio, later moving to web and print design in the Printing Services department. After his time at UVU, he landed at, an up-and-coming multimedia/web development company, as Senior Art Director. While at, Tim worked with a wide variety of clients, including Amway, MCI Worldcom, UPS, Citibank and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Later, Tim worked as an Interactive Art Director at The T&O Group in Irvine, CA working with clients like Pioneer Electronics, In-N-Out Burger, and D-Link. Then Tim spent several years as an Art Director at Rapid Solutions Group in Kansas City, MO working on the DST Vision Mutual Fund web projects.

Tim has spent several years working with different groups in the Japanese animation world. He’s worked with anime conventions in Chicago and Salt Lake City for over 10 years in a variety of capacities. He has published “@anime!”, a web-based magazine on Japanese animation and comics. He is also currently working with Voices For, a non-profit organization that produces musical projects on a wide variety of social topics that benefit charities all over the world.

Tim also has extensive experience in the comic book world. Tim’s early forray into the comics industry came in 1993 when he joined the web development team designing the Elfquest website for comics publisher Warp Graphics, Inc. The site, “”, was one of the first websites dedicated to a single comics series. Tim was responsible for the graphical elements of the website.

In 1998, as part of his graphics duties for, he was commissioned to color the first part of “Dreamtime”, an originally black and white portion of the Elfquest storyline dealing with the aftermath of the original Elfquest series, to be used as an exclusive in the online comics section of the website. Later in 1999, Tim was called on to continue as the colorist for the first three volumes of the European release of “Elfquest: Dreamtime” through German comics publisher Carlsen Verlag.

Tim continued his design work for though 2001, when he took a break from his work there, and returned from 2004 to 2010 as webmaster in addition to his graphics work.

In 2005, Tim created his publishing company, AtomicFoxtail Studios LLC, to produce his original fantasy comic, “Secret of the Sunsword”, based on a short story he had written in college. Having not drawn much since 1995, Tim decided to put “Sunsword” on hold and create another series that he could use as a way to get back into the drawing scene. That project, Beyond Neverwonder, is a mixed-up cross between Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan that follows a girl named Alice who thinks she’s seeing things when a mysterious hole appears out of nowhere, a hole that only she can see. She ends up in a world called Neverwonder where things don’t always reflect reality and the world you see in the mirror may just be the end of all things.

Tim has a great love for art and technology and uses his experiences to create visually stimulating designs to further expand the possibilities for clients.


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Tim Georgi