This week’s SiteoftheWeek is something unexpected. I had the fortune to spend the weekend in Las Vegas. I had a bunch of time to fill and since I don’t frequent the casinos, I set myself up to see a show. And boy what a wonderful show!

KA is one of the many Cirque du Soleil shows that happen in Vegas that made it’s debut in February 2005. It’s a coming-of-age story following the Imperial Twins, a brother and sister, through their martial arts sparring and the adventures that happen as their family was attacked and the twins end up being separated. The twins go through everything, from surviving the attack to finding love as they go through their journey.

The KA website bills the show this way:

KA transcends place and time, with a theatrical landscape, scenic elements and costumes inspired by an array of diverse cultures.

Brought to life by 80 artists from around the world, KA is a gravity-defying production featuring a powerfully emotive soundtrack that enhances the innovative blend of acrobatic feats, Capoeira dance, puppetry, projections and martial arts.

KA is the big show at the MGM Grand. It’s a fantastic spectacle of artistry and acrobatics. I have to say that the show was excellent. From an artistic standpoint, the color and design of the show was fun and great to see in motion. Yes, videos don’t do the production justice. You have to see it live. The contrasts in color and neutrality work excellently with the production and makes for a great time if you happen to find yourself in Vegas.

For more about KA, see their site at and for more about the rest of the Cirque du Soleil shows, visit their site at