There are a few things that I really love in this world. Music is one of them. And so as I was roaming the halls of the Internet this week, I came across this week’s site, Atlantic Records.

To be honest, I haven’t thought about record companies really since I lived in southern California, so when I came across Atlantic’s site, it was interesting to see some things that I had forgotten. (Like the fact that Phil Collins is with Atlantic. Big Phil fan in the 80s and 90s. Just had forgotten which label he was on.) The site is set up like a magazine, with little snippets of things, lots of white space, and nice sized images that give it a simple, classy feeling. Kind of a throwback to the earlier days of Atlantic. There are the usual things that you’d expect on a record label’s site, artist information, tour dates, lots of photos. Then there are some of the retro things like a historical look back at the earlier days of Atlantic. Old school ads. Vintage photos. Quotes from some the music’s greats. There’s a treasure trove of information about some the best musical artists in history and it’s all over the site, tucked into nice little nooks all over the place.

The “footer” is nice too. It’s on most every page and gives you a way to get to the Atlantic Merchandising page and then will do some location grabbing and give you shows by Atlantic artists that will be coming to your area soon. Great stuff.

For those who like music or just want to see some good, clean design, take a trip over to the Atlantic Records and enjoy!