It’s been a long time since we’ve done a SiteoftheWeek.  This week we have something rather simple from a content standpoint, but gotta be complex on the programming side.  It’s a site called April/Zero. The concept of the site is simple.  It’s a clock.  But you say, “what’s so cool about a clock on the web?”  Well, you have to see this one to believe it.  It’s a clock that is completely designed in HTML5.  It’s a gear-based clock, with tons of moving parts.  All the motion and movement is being animated in HTML5.  Until the advent of HTML5, this kind of thing could only have been done in Flash on the web. Seeing something as complex as a clock with all these moving parts being made in HTML5, it’s very exciting.  (And there’s little love lost between me and Flash, so this is a good thing.)  If you visit the site and like the clock, there is a Facebook and a Twitter button on the clock so you can share and subscribe to the April/Zero stuff online.

This is a cool use of HTML5.  Take a look at the site and the fun of the HTML5 clock, go to